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Madge or Marjorie was the grand-daughter of Jean and Patrick Faa, and daughter of Eppy. This is the Madge who was known to Sir Walter Scott. She is believed to have married a Young, who was a powerful gypsy leader. Madge used to boast of the marvellous wedding she had had, and of the huge numbers of asses that had been brought. She is also believed to have had a pony which was shod in silver; impressive if rather impractical.

Regarded as a Queen amongst the gypsies, she had great power, being able, or so she claimed, to avenge quarrels in all parts of her sphere without leaving her cottage. This claim led her to be considered to be gifted with supernatural powers. People accepted her gift and flocked to her for her fortune-telling. She went round the countryside telling fortunes and selling crockery, dressed in a blue cloak, to eke out a living. As with so many, in later life she was destitute, and had to exist on handouts from the church when they were available.

The Faa Family - The Gypsies

Esther Faa Blythe

Charles Faa Blythe Coronation

At St James Fair 1907

At St James Fair 1907

Kirk Yetholm Green c1920

Kirk Yetholm - Muggers Row c1920

Looking up the hill to Staerough

Kirk Yetholm Gypsy Palace c1945

King & Queen and Palace

Gypsy Palace present day