The Gypsies
The Early History
Gypsies in Scotland
Gypsies in the Borders
The Yetholm Gypsies
Gypsy Families
The Faa Family
Jean Gordon


The following books and articles have been found to be invaluable during the preparation of this material:

Hearts Upon the Highway by Anne Gordon (1980) ( A marvellous study, now, alas, out of print.)
The Gypsies of the Border by R Murray (1875 but reprinted as facsimile)
Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions Vol III 2nd Edition (1997)
Rutherford's Southern Counties Register (1866 but reprinted as facsimile 1990)
Berwickshire Naturalists Vols IV and VII
A Time from the World by Rowena Farre (1962)
The New Statistical Account of Roxburghshire 1841
History of Roxburghshire by Jeffrey (1836)
Two Centuries of Border Church Life by James Tait (1889)
Yetholm History of the Gypsies by Joseph Lucas (1882)
The Kirk Yetholm Gypsies by AV Tokely (1996, reprinted 2002)

The Gypsies

Esther Faa Blythe

Charles Faa Blythe Coronation

At St James Fair 1907

At St James Fair 1907

Kirk Yetholm Green c1920

Kirk Yetholm - Muggers Row c1920

Looking up the hill to Staerough

Kirk Yetholm Gypsy Palace c1945

King & Queen and Palace

Gypsy Palace present day