The Gypsies
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The Faa Family

As we have already seen, the name Faa or Fall, and, perhaps, Farr, too are first known in Scots history during the reign of James IV, about 1500. This first Faa, the Johnne Faa 'lovit' of the King. It is recorded that in 1752, seventeen gypsies were transported to South Carolina from Northumberland for 'incessantly shop-breaking and plundering'.

The Gypsies

Esther Faa Blythe

Charles Faa Blythe Coronation

At St James Fair 1907

At St James Fair 1907

Kirk Yetholm Green c1920

Kirk Yetholm - Muggers Row c1920

Looking up the hill to Staerough

Kirk Yetholm Gypsy Palace c1945

King & Queen and Palace

Gypsy Palace present day