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The Writ issued by James V in 1540

'James, be the Grace of God, King of Scottis: To our Sheriffs of Edinburgh, principal and within the Constabulary of Haddington and Berwick, Provestes, Aldermen and Baillies of our burrowes and cities of Edimburgh, &c., greeting. Forasmeikle as it is humblie meanit and schewin to us be owre lovite Johnnie Faa, Lord and Erle of Little Egypt, that quhair he obtainet our Letters under our Grette Seele, direct to zou, all and sindry ayris havand autorite within our realme, and to assist in the execution of justice upon his company and folkis conforme to the laws of Egypt; and in punishing of all yame that rebelles against him; neveryeless as we are informet, Sebastiane Calow, Egiptiane, of the saids John's company, with his complices and partakeris underwrittin, yat is to say, Anteane Dorea, Satona Fingo, Nova Tineo, Philip Hatfeyggow, Jowla Bailzow, Grafto Neyn, Geleys Bailzow, Bernard Beige, Demer Macskella, Nolfaw Cawlour, Martin Zemine, rebelles and conspires agains the said Johnnie Faa and has removit yame all utterly out of his company, and taken fra him divers soumes of money, jevelles, claiths, and oyrs gudis, to ye quantite of ane grete soume of money and on na wyss will pass hame with him; howbeit he has bidden and remainet of lang time upoun yame, and is bunding and abest to bring hame with him all yame of his company yat are on live, and ane testimoneale of yame yat are deed; and also ye said Johnnie has the said Sebastiane's obligatioune maid in Dunfermling befor our maister housald yat he and his company suld remane with him, and on na wyss depert fra him, as the samin beiris incontrar ye tennor of ye quhilk, ye said Sebastiane be sinister and wrang information fals relatioun and circumventioun of us, hes purchest our writings, discharging him, and ye remanent of the personis above written, his complices and partakeris of the said John's company, and with his gudes takin be yame fra him, causus certane of our lieges assist to yame and yair opinionis and fortify and take yair part agains ye said Johnnie, yair lord and maister, sae yat he on nae wyss can apprehend nor get yame to to have yame hame againe within yair owin countre, after the tenour of his said band, to his heavy dampnage and skaith, and in grete perell of tynsall of his heretage, and expres agains justice. Our will is heerfor, and we charge you straitlie, and commans, yat incontinent yir our letters ze and ilk ane of zou, and within ye bouns of zour offices command & charge all our lieges yat nane of yame tak upoun hand to reset, assyst, fortify, supple, mainteine, defend, or take pairt with the said Sebastiane and his complices above written, for na buddies, nor oyr way agains the said Johnnie Faa, yair lord and maister, bot yat yai, and ze in likwys tak a lay handis upoun yame quharevir yai may be apprehended, and bring yame to him to be punist for yer demeretis, conforme to his laws, and help and fortify him to punish and do justice upoun yame for yair tresspasses; and to yat effect len to him our personis, stokis, fetteris, and all oyer things necessar yerto as ze and ilk ane of zou and all oyers our lieges will answer to us yerupoun and under all hiest pene and charge yat efter may follow; swa yat the said Jihnnie have na cause of complaynt heirupoun in tyme cuming, nor to resort to us agane to yat effect, notwithstanding ony our writings sinisterly purchest or to be purchest be the said Sebastiane in the contrar. And als charge our lieges yat nane of yame molest, vex, enquiet, or truble ye said Johnnie Faa and his company in doing yair lefull bessynes or oyerwaiyes within our realme, and in yair passing, remanyng, or awayganging furth of ye samin under the pane above written: and siclike, yat ze command and charge all skippers, maisters, and merinaris of all schippes within our realme at all portes and havyns quhair thew said Johnnie and his company sal happen to resort and cum to resavi him and yame yrin upoun yair expenses for furing of yame furth of our realme to the portes beyond sey; as zou and ilk ane of yame sicklike will answer to us yereupoun, and under the pane forsaid. Subscrivit with our hand, and under our Privie Seele at Falkland the fiveteene day of Februar, and our reign the 28 zeir.' 1540?

The Gypsies

Esther Faa Blythe

Charles Faa Blythe Coronation

At St James Fair 1907

At St James Fair 1907

Kirk Yetholm Green c1920

Kirk Yetholm - Muggers Row c1920

Looking up the hill to Staerough

Kirk Yetholm Gypsy Palace c1945

King & Queen and Palace

Gypsy Palace present day